Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today I've finally visited the shop which was on top of my to-visit list for a while. I've learned about it on Ravelry, it was described as a shop where they sell cheap "fin de séries" yarns. Of course I couldn't miss it. :)
In short, it's one of the most unusual craft stores I've even seen. The entrance is very easy to miss, there are no signs whatsoever, only a sheet of paper on the door asking visitors to call if they want to enter. Luckily for me, the door was open. :)

The owner of the shop is an elderly Flemish lady, she speaks both Dutch (very happy I've found it out before going there) and French and is very friendly. And she has the biggest collection of yarns I've ever seen in one place.

If you're used to "posh" yarn stores with lots of light and where everything is nicely displayed, this shop is anything but. Don't tell I haven't warned you. :) This is what it looks like from the entrance:

As you see, she carries fabrics too. I saw some Christmas-y stuff, also very nice tweed and something I'd love to make a skirt from. :) Possibly some quilting stuff, I haven't looked closer.

Room number 2:

See, on the right? Bags and bags and bags full of yarn. Some are open, some still closed, 4-5 packs of the same dye lot.

You think it's all? Nope, there's room number 3:
More fabrics, more yarn, and even more fabrics at the end of the shop, in the room number 4. I haven't seen the last room, was a bit overwhelmed by the yarnie goodiness. :) But I think there are only fabrics there.

So, if you don't mind digging and have lots of time, you'll find:



and wool/wool blends:

It's mostly solids, but there are couple of shelves with glittery and multicoloured yarns and I've also seen "bobbeltjes" yarn, you know, the one you knit scarves with.

Brands. The most present are Annell and Malmedy, I've also spotted some 3Suisses and La Filanderie. And dozens of unknown to me (old) brands. There was a skein of yarn which carried nothing on it's label except of "Zultse". Was there a factory in Zulte where they made yarn?

Prices. Oh My God. I've got 25 skeins in total: 15 skeins of Annell Fjord, 6 skeins of Annell Super Extra, 3 skeins of Kid Mohair Super (unknown brand from Torino) and a skein of glittery novelty yarn. All for 29€. Do the math. :)

All this said, this shop is very likely to become my LYS. It's far from posh, but I'm not a LYS snob. The most important for me is that it's cheap, has lots of choice and is 20 minutes from my place. And I think the lady can use some new customers with a stashing disorder. :)

Rue du Crombion 2
7700 Luingne (Mouscron)
056 33 22 09

Update 1/12/2010
Opening hours:
Monday till Friday 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00
Saturday 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00

The shop is closed on Sunday.